Alaska Truckers Support Fuel Tax Increase On One Condition

Alaska Truckers Want to See Improved Infrastructure

States across the country are continuing to discuss pending fuel tax rises. 16 states, including Alaska, California, and Montana, are openly discussing the possibility.

Recent news has revolved around a California gas tax hike that could leave the state with the highest fuel prices in the country. However, Alaskan trucking companies and truckers are supporting the fuel tax increase on one very important condition: improved infrastructure.

The federal government has not raised the fuel tax in over 20 years, resulting in the United States benefitting from cheaper fuel than many of the countrys European counterparts.

As a result of low tax income from fuel, however, the responsibility for dealing with state-wide infrastructure has fallen on state government. Even more troublesome, efficient vehicles with higher mileage, new driving habits, and increasing costs of transportation have meant that states are receiving even less in taxation.

Over the last 19 years, states have been acting to increase their fuel tax collections, and officials from 16 States are now discussing the options to collect more taxes on fuel in order to pay for infrastructure.

It is for this reason that Alaska and Montana trucking professionals are supporting the bid.

Backed by Alaskan Professionals

In a bill backed by Governor Bill Warner, Alaskas fuel tax would trip the 8 cents paid on every gallon in tax over the next two years.

The HB60/SB25 bill would increase the fuel tax for both diesel and gas to 16 cents from 8 cents at the beginning of July. The tax increase would then go up to 24 cents by July 1st of next year.

The Alaskan Trucking Association recently voiced their support for the taxation increase during the official hearing, with their executive director saying the hike would be acceptable as part of a wider, long-term plan. Director Aves Thompson said that the association would support the increase if the funds could be dedicated to transportation need.

The director also added that his organization would rather see the second phase of the fuel tax increase delayed until 2019, giving reefer trucking, produce hauling, and other truck operations a chance to incorporate these fee increases into their rate schedules.

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