How Technology is Changing the Trucking Industry in 2017

Technology Changes the Way You Work and Travel

Corcoran Trucking, Inc. is one of the leading Montana and Alaska trucking companies that is committed to providing the best trucking services for its customers.

With our fleet of flatbed trucks and other large haulage vehicles, we are always looking for new ways to ensure that clients get the Montana and Anchorage, AK trucking they need.

Providing our services throughout North America and to the lower 48 states, we have a team of highly trained truckers that understand how to provide efficient services for clients with complex transportation requirements.

In order to do this, our drivers understand how technology is changing the trucking industry, and our company adapts in turn.

Instant Communication

In the produce hauling industry and in general trucking communication is key.

Whether its an important message about a new delivery or a change in route, instant communication is exceptionally important. For this reason, our truckers can be contacted during their journey to ensure that they are kept up to date, and clients can rest assured that their products are being delivered on time.

Improved Traffic Coordination

Thanks to satellite navigation systems, cell phones, and other online map services, it is possible to analyze a trucking journey in order to find the quickest and most efficient route.

When trucking to Alaska after a lower 48 state journey, there are many routes available. Using online traffic services, Corcoran Trucking drivers and coordinators will ensure that every journey is planned meticulously to ensure that every client gets the timeliest service possible.

Real-time traffic reports also allow our drivers to make evaluations about their route during their journey, ensuring that every client gets the quickest delivery time, even in the event of major traffic and road accidents.

Traffic coordination will become an increasingly important part of trucking operations, with Alaska trucking companies like ours adapting and incorporating traffic monitoring technologies into our fleets.

Improved Safety Technology

Throughout 2017, new safety technologies will slowly be incorporated into trucking operations, too.

With anti-lock braking systems coming as standard in many vehicles today and external collision avoidance systems powered by artificial intelligence networks, vehicles are becoming smarter all the time.

Using interior, rearview, and dash cameras, trucks are better recording incidents that take place on the road.

Providing Extensive Trucking Operations

With a fleet of trucks that operate from Montana and Alaska to the lower 48 states, Corcoran Trucking, Inc. provides an extensive trucking service for a wide range of companies throughout the country.

From reefer trucking to produce hauling to North Slope hauling and trucking, our team of trained and experienced professionals can discuss your exact requirements, and execute a well-planned route that gets your products delivered on time, wherever you need, in the United States.

For more information, or to discuss your requirements with one of our trained professionals, but sure to get in touch online. You can also reach us by calling (800) 745-6065 or (406) 245-6065.