Truck transport has long been a popular mode of transporting cargo over land. In Alaska trucking is often the best option when it comes to transporting large amounts of goods, over-sized machinery, and more. It used to be the case that shipping goods to and from the continental United States was a difficult and expensive affair. Today, though, it is almost as convenient as shipping intrastate. Read on to find out why.

The Fastest Solution

Transporting cargo by truck is often the fastest way to get it from point A to point B. It’s fairly obvious why this would be the case when the alternative is to ship cargo by sea, but business owners may be questioning how trucks can be faster than planes. Although planes get from their originating city to their destination much faster once they’ve taken off, loading and unloading them requires a good deal of time and hassle. Planes also often operate on schedules that are not set by those looking to transport time-sensitive goods. Instead, the cargo space is typically shared by several companies or individuals, creating a logistical nightmare and a lot of unnecessary delays. In comparison, a cargo truck can be loaded and its goods delivered according to the needs of the company hiring it.

More Versatile

While there are a wide variety of limitations on what can be transported by air, almost any type of cargo can be transported by truck. Reefer units are available to keep temperature-sensitive goods cold, while flatbeds can haul even extremely large equipment. Liquids can be transported via specialized trailers, while gravel and other forms of fill can be accommodated via gravel hauls, side dumps, and other specialized trailers.

Door-to-Door Service

Shipping cargo to and from the mainland by air still almost always requires hiring a truck to get the goods from the airport to wherever they need to go. It can easily turn into a logistical nightmare. In comparison, alaska trucking companies can take responsibility for the cargo from start to finish and ensure prompt delivery. Using this method of transport, just one company can handle everything without the need for additional hassle.

Economic Efficiency

This article has already discussed the advantages of trucking over transporting freight by air or by sea. It is more convenient and often much faster. However, trucking also has its advantages over transporting freight by train. Although freight trains are almost as ubiquitous in the continental United States as semi-trucks, they are nowhere near as convenient. Like planes, freight trains run on their own schedules, which are typically set by the carriers themselves rather than the companies relying on them to ship their goods.

In addition to creating the same kind of logistical problems and being subject to the same delays as planes, freight trains are also a more expensive option than exclusively employing trucks to transport goods. Business owners and individuals interested in a more reasonable bottom line should look into trucking companies today.

Keep in mind that not all Alaska trucking companies are equipped to handle diverse loads. However, one montana trucking company has recently formed a partnership with a local transport company out of Palmer. This partnership allows goods to be more easily and efficiently transported between Alaska and the continental United States. Learn more online today.