Packing 411

Sometimes all you need is a good list to help you prepare. Below are great tips for packing up before school, training, or OTR (including trucking in Alaska). What New Drivers Need To Know About What To Take On The Road: Lack of storage and living space is probably a driver’s biggest consideration when packing for Read more >

Is Long Haul or OTR Right for You?

When it comes to new truckers, most have questions about long haul versus short runs. This article from TLC covers the benefits and downsides of both. If you’re looking to enter the trucking industry and have questions, or want to apply, contact us today! Long haul trucking can be hard for the driver and their Read more >

Preparing for Truck Driver Company Training – Things to Pack! Part II

by TruckerMike – Sleeping bag!!! Very important! Don’t bring sheets with you. When you’re in training, chances are you’ll be driving as a team with your trainer. In other words, your trainer drives while you sleep and vice versa. If the truck is moving, you’ll want to sleep on the bottom bunk. Instead of changing Read more >

Preparing for Truck Driver Company Training – Things to Pack!

from Trucking Truth by TruckerMike What should I pack? This has to be the number one question amongst newbies. First of all, pack as little as possible. Only the necessities. Once you get through training, you can clutter up your own truck as much as you want. But remember, you are a guestin your trainers Read more >

Partnering with Minn-Alaska

To better serve our customers, Corcoran has partnered with Minn-Alaska Transport out of Palmer, AK. This partnership will allow Corcoran and Minn-Alaska to better serve the diverse needs of our loyal customers, connect more people with the products they need, and open more lanes to connect the needs of Alaska to those in the lower Read more >

6 Trucking Business KPIs Every Carrier Should Know Part I

from DBSquared Inc., A KPI is a key performance indicator; here are six trucking business KPIs every carrier should understand if they want to build a successful trucking company. Why Trucking Business KPIs Matter KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator.  Like goals and measures, you can use these indicators to fine tune your business model Read more >

Living on the Road: Tips for Long Haul Truckers

Living on the road presents unique issues and concerns, as well as a plethora of positives, that only truck drivers experience. Not all truck drivers love the “on the road” life style, while others are relatively unaffected. The challenges of the road trucking is best summed up as the challenge of finding balance. There are only Read more >

10 Tips for New Truck Drivers

BY ROADMASTER We’ve compiled a list of 10 great tips for new truck drivers. These tips come directly from experienced Roadmaster employees. Get advice from people who know the business! 1. Become Friends with your Dispatcher: Dispatchers are your lifelines to loads, which in turn equals miles and miles directly affect your paycheck. Get to Read more >