Share the Road

Share the Road is a nationwide program run by the American Trucking Association. Professional truck drivers from around the nation come into schools, or to Driver’s Ed classes, and talk to them about safe driving, specifically when there’s a tractor-trailer on the road with you. They go over things like maintaining a safe following distance, not cutting directly in front of vehicles when passing, and where a truck driver’s blind spots are, and how to avoid them. They also talk about general road safety, such as wearing your seatbelt, keeping your eyes on the road, and preparing your vehicle for long distance travel. The driver’s let the kids go inside the trucks, so that they can see first-hand all of the blind spots that a tractor-trailer have. There are videos that show where the blind spots are, and the range of motion that tractor-trailers need clear when driving, and more specifically turning. They also share personal experiences of accidents that could’ve been avoided, had the other driver’s been paying attention to the road. It’s an extremely eye-opening event for anyone who can drive.

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