How Alaska Trucking Services Help Support Business and Life in the Last Frontier

The American Trucking Association describes that form of transportation as the “lifeblood of the U.S. economy.” Where rail shipping used to dominate, seven in ten pounds of cargo now move about the country by truck, on average, each year. More than ten billion tons of freight travel the nation’s highways and roads courtesy of trucks Read more >

Advantages of Alaska Trucking

Truck transport has long been a popular mode of transporting cargo over land. In Alaska trucking is often the best option when it comes to transporting large amounts of goods, over-sized machinery, and more. It used to be the case that shipping goods to and from the continental United States was a difficult and expensive Read more >

As Big Trucking Companies Struggle, Corcoran Thrives

Trucking companies across the United States are being weighed down by their fleets of unused vehicles. Companies across America purchased whole new fleets just years ago when the demand for transportation was high – and since manufacturing activity and import growth has slowed down, these companies have found themselves with smaller freight volumes and unused Read more >

Learn More: Trucking in Alaska

Learn more about trucking in Alaska and see if you’re ready to embark on your career with Corcoran Trucking and our partner Minn-Alaska. In order to work as a truck driver in Alaska, you must earn your commercial driver’s license from the Division of Motor Vehicles. You have to pass a background check, vision test, Read more >

Join Corcoran Trucking

Corcoran Trucking, Inc., is based in Billings, Montana, with operations reaching from the wide open frontier of Alaska to the Bakken Oilfields of North Dakota, and across the stretch of the lower 48 states. While the economy continues to be a challenge for all businesses, Corcoran Trucking has increased its fleet size by staying true Read more >

Learn More: Reefer Trucking Jobs

Reefer Truck Driving Jobs Food is one of the main products transported by truck drivers. In some cases, food and perishable goods are transported clear across the country by skilled truck drivers. Driving a refrigerated truck (also known as a “reefer” in the trucking industry) requires extra responsibility and job tasks, so it may be Read more >

Learn More: Flatbed Trucking Jobs

Discover what it is to be a Flatbed Truck Driver The majority of loads truckers haul can easily be transported by tractor-trailers. However, many companies produce goods that cannot be transported by traditional means, due to their size or shape. When this happens, companies turn to flatbed truck drivers. Flatbed trucks have goods that are Read more >

Benefits of Working for a Small Trucking Company

Is larger always better? Blessings of working for a small trucking organization You have probably heard other truck drivers speak badly about small truck driving corporations. Perhaps you have even made the error of ignoring job listings at small businesses in want of those at country wide businesses. In this enterprise, small trucking agencies often Read more >

Hittin’ the Road: Applying for Your First Truck Driving Job

Applying for your First Truck Driving Job? This is the Guide for you You’ve made it this far in your job search—you have a CDL in your home state, you feel confident that you can get behind the wheel of a commercial truck and actually drive it, and you’re ready to start earning money. But Read more >

The Importance of Refrigerated Trucking

Imagine a world where food spoiled after 50 miles, where you could only eat what was in season and local, and where northern states never saw oranges or plums. Before refrigerated (reefer) trucking and transport, that world was very real. Produce couldn’t travel far before spoiling, and consumers were limited to goods that could be grown Read more >